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Luxes™ Forever Cleaner


  • Your Dirty Brushes Are Ruining Your Skin!

    With the lack of care for your brushes they develop large sums of bacteria on them, EW Gross!

    Bacteria doesn't just clog your pores and give you unsightly blemishes...

    It can get into your system via your pores and actually give you infections or the flu!

    It's similar to how dentists suggest you change your toothbrush with regularity.

    Perfectly Clean Brushes In Less Than 5 Minutes

    How long does it take for you to clean all your brushes?(if you even do it at all in the first place)

    Maybe 50 minutes to a couple of hours if you are lucky, That’s crazy!

    Not to mention drying your brushes… will take another 5 -10 hours, what a waste of time!

    Now cleaning your brushes can be easy as 1… 2… 3 No Seriously, It Can Be!

    Works On All Brush Sizes

    With luxes it comes with 13 different perfectly designed rubber ends to easily hold any size brush you have.

    All you have to do is change the rubber end, grab your brush then you are ready to go!

    Save Time & Money

    Traditional methods like washing your brushes by hand literally takes forever!

    It could take you normally 1 - 2 hours just to get them clean!

    Not to mention how expensive this method can be, you can easily destroy your brushes by doing this.

    Then you have to go out and get new brushes every other week...

    Think about that, that's over $500 a year… On brushes!

    Easy To Use & Portable

    Our spinner uses the newest technology to get all the dirt, grime, and oil off of your brush within seconds of pressing the handle button.

    Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll feel the moment you start to see the water in the bowl turn the color of your makeup.

    Its lightweight portable design makes it so easy to bring it with you when you travel anywhere.

    And it's engineered to have a non-breakable bowl, giving you the peace of mind that you can take it anywhere without the worry of breaking it!

    SpinClean Makeup Brush Cleaner – Honest Crate

    Our 90-Day guarantee

    We Have A No-Risk 90 Day Money Back Guarantee... Not Satisfied?
    Why do we do this? We know you will love our products so much we want to stand behind them.


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