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Luxes Booty Lifter™


  • Get The Booty Of Your Dreams… Without The Surgery!

    Tired of your booty looking well…. Not as perky as you want it?


    Luxes Booty shaper is here to lift and make that booty pop within seconds!


    Just simply slip on a pair and you are on your way to a thicker booty.

    butt lifter waist trainer


    Fast & Easy Booty Lift!

    Our padding adds a naturally rounded, lifted, enhanced look.


    Filling you out to the hourglass look you have been craving for.


    best butt lifter

    Wear It With Anything & Be Totally Undetectable

    Perfect under dresses, skirts, and fitted pants.


    Doesn't show through clothes at the waist or the legs.


    No one will know that your booty isn’t all-natural but don’t worry we won’t tell anyone if you won’t ;)

    Pin on Jo

    Dreamy Hourglass Figure... Instantly

    Shape your waist and get a butt-lifting effect without surgery or squats.

    Sizing Chart:

    Our 90 Day Guarantee

    We Have A No-Risk 90 Day Money Back Guarantee... Not Satisfied?

    No Worries! We will give you a full refund no questions asked


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