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Luxes™ Magnetic Lashes


  • Get More Confident Inspiring Lashes

    Bring out the most confident you with the most natural-looking vegan lashes!

    With a simple snap-on & go... you will think it’s magic but how easy these are to put on.

    And nobody needs to know they're falsies…. We won't tell if you don't.

    New | Loom® Baby Electric Nasal Aspirator - RealiTee Co.

    Effortless Beauty Every Time

    Forget the messy ugly glue with other lashes, all you get with those is a sticky mess… ew gross.

    With our effortless magnetic design, all you have to do is apply our magnetic eyeliner then simply snap on your lashes and you are on your way with an all-day hold.

    Simply, Easy, Effortless The Way It Should Be!

    Vegan-Friendly Lashes

    An all-natural look from quality synthetic fibers, the faux mink looks and acts just like the real thing.

    It's lightweight, it's fluffy and it has lovely curls!

    No Brainer Benefits

    • Waterproof
    • Ultra stronghold
    • All-day hold
    • 5 magnet lash for max hold
    • Ready to wear
    • Up to 30 wears
    • No more messy glue
    • Quick & easy removal
    • Gently peel off lashes


    MAGNIELASH™ Magnetic Eyelash Kit – Chicsunrise

    Save Time & Money

    Other traditional methods are time-consuming & not to mention expensive…

    With other falsies, you have to deal with the annoying glue, not fun. And going to the salon to get extensions is mind-blowing expensive.

    Seriously think about it..$200 per session that’s $2,400 a year... on just eyelashes that’s crazy! That’s why we had to find a better solution!

    Our 90 Day Guarantee

    We Have A No-Risk 90 Day Money Back Guarantee... Not Satisfied?


    No Worries! We will give you a full refund no questions asked... We know you will love our products so much we want to stand behind them.


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