David The Bold

David The Bold

David The Bold

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Bring The Beauty Of Ancient Art In Your Home

The Statue of David was a sign of power against all odds, triumph in the face of certain death…

Our beautiful handcrafted resin sculpture brings back the same message with a modern flair.

Show the power of your boldness and your creativity…

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Elegance & Boldness 

Show off your striking statute in your study, living area, office, or bedroom.

Instantly elevate your home's decor by bringing the accents of Renaissance Art form to your home.

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Exquisite Craftmanship

The sculpture statue is made of high-quality resin, strong and durable without fading.

Exquisite craftsmanship and very realistic design will add beautiful scenery to your room.

Statue bust decoration is not only a good home decoration but also an ideal gift for friend's weddings or other special occasions.