The Abstract Thinker

The Abstract Thinker

The Abstract Thinker

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Looking For A Way To Show Your Creative Side?

Do You know that feeling where you’re just sitting there and thinking?

That daydream, intentional disarray of thoughts circling around and capturing your attention for a varying amount of time?

Now you can enjoy that whimsical quality in the form of a statute.

Nordic Modern Thinker Resin Abstract Statue Creative Resin Model Figures Crafts Mini Sculpture Desktop Living Room Home Decor

Effortlessly Elevate Your Homes Decor

Regardless of the pose that you chose, each one of these hollowed-out spitting statues is going to draw you in and make you get a little more thoughtful-literally.

Pair them together in a study or an office for increased brain power: or spread them out around your home for a bit more of a dreamy quality through.

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